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SSG Insights for the Week of December 17th, 2021

2022 Group Health Plan Compliance Calendar

Employers that sponsor group health plans are subject to numerous reporting and disclosure requirements throughout the year in connection with their group health plans. This general 2022 compliance calendar lists key compliance deadlines that apply to employer-sponsored group health plans.  


Tiny Habits: How Lowering Your Expectations Can Lead to Change

The New Year is right around the corner. Many take this opportunity to set a big, hairy goal to work on their health, professional development, or relationships. These goals can look like losing 20 pounds by year-end or read 3 new books a month. This renewed commitment to a goal is why gyms see a beginning of the year spike in new memberships. How long does this determination last? 12 days!  So, how should we lower our standards and start with tiny habits to create a domino effect of change.


Delegation: Turn Task Management into a Teaching Moment

In theory, delegation sounds amazing. Do you want to pass off work to someone else so you have more time for other projects? Yes, of course, you do. In practice, delegation is more complicated. It involves giving up control, something that may feel difficult for a new manager or someone with micromanagement tendencies. It involves prioritizing your workload and communicating clearly with your team. Easier said than done! Why is delegation so tough and how can leaders ensure they are providing their team members the right information to help them be successful?