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Delivering strategies that identify opportunities to lower your current medical spend.

Navigating the world of employee benefits is time-consuming enough, and the ever-changing requirements and myriad of choices and decisions that employers face doesn’t help.

Our innovative approach delivers data-driven strategies designed to identify and improve medical spend waste, allowing employers to reinvest in resources that improve the overall health of their population.


Plan Design & Management

Health plan design strategies that improve the health outcomes of your population while improving efficiencies and reducing the total costs.

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We evaluate the overall effectiveness of your health plan by identifying trends, areas of opportunity, and health risks relevant to your population, and deliver solutions that help you better manage future expenses and ensure your plan is always performing at its best.

  • Cost & Utilization Modeling
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Data Mining & Analysis
  • Cost Containment & Funding Strategies
  • Verified Benchmarking
  • Population Health Management



Market Management

Our vetting process ensures that you receive the most competitive vendor pricing and optimal solutions for your plan - ensuring your bottom line is met.


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From contract negotiation to securing best-in-market terms and conditions, our team of specialists and experienced underwriters deliver the most competitive options for fully insured and self-funded medical coverage, as well as a range of other lines of coverage. 

  • Market Renewal Analysis & Evaluation
  • Insurer Selection & Negotiation
  • Aggressive Procurement
  • Periodic Audits
  • Vendor Contracting & Management
  • Performance Guarantee

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Effective Benefits Administration

We understand the importance of ensuring your benefits administration is seamlessly connected with every aspect of your organization, efficiently and effectively.

Our job is to help improve and enhance your processes by implementing technology solutions and resources that help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Onboarding
  • Renewals & Claims Assistance
  • Enrollment Support, Tools & Resources

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Cohesive and Integrated Health & Wellness Solutions

We can help customize and implement interactive worksite programs and a range of employee communications aimed to engage and empower your workforce to live a meaningful and fulfilling life through conscious and self-directed behaviors

  • Improve overall employee health
  • Prevent expensive chronic diseases
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve employee morale

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Health Care Costs Image
Health Care Transparency and No Surprises Act Employer Requirements
Group health plans and health insurance issuers are subject to a variety of new requirements that are designed to increase health care transparency and protect consumers against surprise medical bills. Download this SSG Employer Compliance Summary for the new requirements.
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