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Week of June 21, 2024 | SSG Insights

Embracing No-Meeting Fridays

Foster a workplace culture that values uninterrupted work time. Communicate the importance of No-Meeting Fridays and encourage all team members to respect this practice.

Offering Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is essential to employee satisfaction and organizational success in the rapidly evolving modern workplace. Financial wellness benefits can alleviate employee stress, leading to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and a more engaged workforce.

May 2024 | SSG Compliance Recap

Stay one step ahead with an easy-to-understand summary of these legislation highlights. In this Issue…

  • IRS Releases 2025 Limits for HDHPs and HSAs
  • Prepare Now to Pay the PCORI Fee
  • HHS Finalizes Section 1557 Nondiscrimination Regulations
  • Medical Debt Cancellation Act Introduced
  • Question of the Month